Of Sushi and Hot Pots

Had a couple of great foodie experiences yesterday and today with the conference group at Bangkok. Last evening, for dinner, some of us went to a seafood specialty restaurant on Soi (Street ) 24, Sukhumvit, Bangkok. We sat around a u-shaped table, and had a pot of boiling water in front. Then we ordered some seafood- a variety of fish, mussels, prawn, etc. Some veggies and tofu too. Then we put one or two things in the pot, and pulled them out after cooking- a couple of minutes is all it takes. Then adding whatever sauces we liked, and spicy mixes to it, we had it in another bowl. Excellent idea, learnt it's called Hot Pot and is popular this side of the globe. Thorougly enjoyable way to dine when in a group.

Another first for me today was a sushi roll with some green mustard that "clears your nose" with its fire and zest, as someone put it- and it did! You have to douse it with some sweet ginger slices or something which reduces its intensity! Something like eating an Andhra chilli. But great, and good fun to try. I always thought sushi was bland stuff, but I have changed my views substantially after this whack on the side of my head (metaphorical). One lives and learns!


Diamond Head said…
Sounds yum... Another fun food is Ethiopian with a large bowl in the middle stacked with pancakes/Anjer made from a native grain (spongy dosa like). Pots of spicy curries line the plate. Everyone grabs a piece of Anjer and dips and eats.
Also Yakiniki style of food is from Korea where you can roast your own meat (not your fingers but the material between the tongs) from a plate filled with thin cuts. The flame sprouts in the middle of the table from a bunsen burner.
Shabu Shabu is yet another style (I think Japanese) where you dip that slice of meat in scalding water and continue to consume after softening the meat to your desire.
Rajendra said…
Yeah, it is yum and you can control the fieriness in the Hot Potted stuff. Not the green mustard- it's really pungent, but fun.

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