A Year in The Academic Life Cycle

Every place has a rhythm of its own, and so does an academic institution. The nine or ten months from the start of an academic year to its close usually go through a set pattern, though the players are different each time.

June or July: Excitement of a new batch joining the institute, with formal opening, orientation, and new bridges being built among students joining, their seniors etc. Some will last a lifetime.

August September: Formal exams kick in, and some student bodies are formed. At IMT, we have several, including the CCC, CIC, Prayatna that runs the Coop store, Placecom which looks after the all-important placements, Ovia, the cultural committee, and many more.

October-November: The festive season also has a lot of activity in the form of conferences, student fest, and other things that keep the calendar moving faster than normal!

December: Usually the placement season is in full swing, with the population of well-dressed young men and women showing a sudden upswing.

Jan-Feb:Sixth term for the seniors, with fewer classroom courses, and some soul-searching as the day of reckoning (leaving campus) nears. Also the season for batch photos (currently on). Generally a mixed-feelings season. Elective courses are announced for the following year.

March: Usually convocation time for seniors, and 3rd term exam time for juniors. The approaching internship also is an important part of the 2 year PGDM, and can be a turning point for some.

April and May, though relatively calm on campus, have a planning component for faculty with some important meetings, and thoughts for the coming year's activities. Some alumni meets at various cities are held during this time. Also, admission season for the following batch. And so life goes on....

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Will Miss the campus a lot sir........

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