Radio Days

This was my second coming at a radio station. The first happened when I emceed (RJed) a short program for my performing friends at an All India Radio station in Bangalore during IIM days. They sang and did some other stuff, for a Yuva Vani program.

Yesterday, I went to get interviewed at My FM, one of Nagpur's leading radio channels. They have a program where they interview interesting people (actually, they said celebrities, but I find the word embarrassing), about their life, career, advice to youngsters and the world (I love this part) and so on.

Anyway, it was nice to see the youthful energy around the place- I would have loved to work in a place like this. The average age of people there must be nineteen something. I hope they all stay that way and don't grow up. It's really not worth it. The radio station's byline is Jiyo Dil Se (Live with Feeling?), which I thought was nice.

I was happy with a question that asked for my comments on 3 Idiots, the film that was made loosely based on Chetan Bhagat's book 'Five Point Someone'. The reason for my glee (it means happiness and is NOT the female version of glue) is that it was shot at IIM Bangalore, my alma mater.

Hopefully, there will be some listeners when it goes on air (I was assured there will be) one of these Sundays in Nagpur. And hopefully, they will not doze off. Santa, are you listening?


Harimohan said...

Nice Raja. Sadly we won't get to hear it - or is there a way?

Rajendra said...

Not sure how these radio things work. If I discover any way, I'll let you know. If not, you can interview me (again!).

ಭಾಶೇ said...

Wow! :D

Pls check if you could get an audio copy of the interview. (after it goes on air... guess they normally store a copy... not sure if they can give you one... or you can record it when it goes on air otherwise!!!)

Love to hear it.

Rajendra said...

Sowmya, will give it a shot. They might send a copy.

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