Fun with English and Hindi

The following is based on the assumption that being too serious is bad for one's health.
Take it with a pinch of salt (unless you have High BP, Diabetes,....).

Mulayam is an adjective for Silk. Copyright: Thai Airways.

Opposite of Appointment? Disappointment.

Opposite of Entry? See above.

Translation of 'Hum dono bol rahe hain, tum beech mein kyun taang ada rahe ho?'-
'He talk, I talk, centre centre why you are putting your foot?'

Tu jahan jahan chalega, mera saaya saath hoga (Hindi song)translated in English-
"You where where go, my shadow follow there".

'Might is right' in Hindi- 'Shaayad baraabar hai'.

Good breakfasts are born, not bre(a)d.

What is Beta? The cross product of Mata and Pita.

How can Jog Falls be true?

Which is the statistical test that is most likely to fail?
The F-test.

The best mag to read at the dining table? Reader's Digest.

Sources- assorted.


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