Observations on Road Travel

Road travel takes a toll. And inefficiently, at that. The toll amounts are not in round figures, leading to huge delays in taking or giving change. One does not mind paying, but can't the process be easier? That's true of every payment made to anyone, actually. Message for all service marketers- make life convenient, and customers will pay. Offer excellent service, likewise.

We have made a lot of progress in road quality, but speed breaker (the term is a funny one too) quality is atrocious. Needs lot of thought on humane speed-breaking. Without breaking necks.

Went on a quick road trip Pune-Mumbai to attend a wedding reception of a friend's daughter. These observations are born out of that. Thankfully, on a Sunday, the traffic was manageable. If not, I would have taken a bus. And saved my neck from the breakers.


Diamond Head said…
It tolls for thee

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