Ragas and RaGas

Indian classical music is known for its ragas, and many have myths and legends associated with them. It is said that when Tansen, a musician in Akbar's court sang Raag Deepak, the lamps would light up, and when he sang Malhar, the rains would come down.

I propose that we learn the appropriate ragas for the following-

Peezza raga, to make a pizza appear in less than 30 minutes.

Percentage raga, to get whatever percent grades in any exam. Teachers can stay at home.

Good hair raga, to make your hair fall in place and behave. salons and shampoos, goodbye.

Border raga, to solve border disputes with Pak and China.

Adrushya raga to make lousy TV serials, and dance shows disappear forever.

Book raga, to make any book you wish for appear in full text, free..the author reading it out for you.

Chai raga to make tea available on tap. Coffee will still need you to go to Starbucks/Coffee Day and spend 200 bucks.

Brownie raga, so you can score brownie points with your friends, maybe by making selfies appear from places you have never been to..

and of course, the Women's Empowerment raga, perfected by RaGa, to make women empowered instantly.


Diamond Head said…
Ra Gas can result from 'Ra(w) sewage' from pap-u-lesson - there is never mention of cooked variety

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