Group Discussion for Selection

Yes, but for selecting directors of IIMs, according to a news item. Strange, maybe. Out of the box, certainly. So I thought I will lay out some more of these out of the box selection procedures for various positions.

Air hostesses-ability to wriggle in and out of the tight dresses..the fastest gets selected. Breeds punctuality.

Pilots- ability to stop breathing for a few hours- to clear the breathalyser test, of course.

Students- ability to copy and paste from different online sources without citing references.

Facebook employees- those who can modify their face from bookish to presentable, proved through a pouting selfie

Google employees- ability to bowl a googly..or a doosra.

Film extras for group dances- wriggle various body parts separately or together on demand.

Heroes- A criminal record or a case filed at the minimum.

Heroines- at least one honourable scandal.


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