Piku-Film Review

This is an unusual film, but an endearing one. And contains two of my favourite actors as of now- Deepika and Irrfan. Irrfan won my heart with his Lunchbox performance, and Deepika with hers in Finding Fanny recently. It is unusual in its choice of subject- the bowel movements of a seventy-year old man, Deepika's father in the film. His obsession with his constipation is the major point of discussion in almost all the scenes in the movie, from Delhi to Kolkata, where the story moves. The really unusual thing is an irritating dad, instead of an ideal maryadapurushottam type-quite real.

But it is the realism which makes the film endearing. The acting, the dialogue, the situations are all quite normal in a middle class (ok, upper middle class) family. The additional factor that made it easy to understand for me, is that I lived for a year in CR Park, the Bong enclave in Delhi where it all starts- Bongs are a unique species in many ways, and the Kolkata part of this film brings it home more starkly.

Anyway, like the Sherlock Holmes story, it is important to note that what is NOT in the film is also notable-violence (except verbal), item numbers, garishness of any kind (except in wayside dhabas), and vulgarity. The doctor's and the servant's characters are also interesting, and make you nostalgic.

Behind the simply narrated story, there are several messages. See if you get them by watching Piku. That's Deepika's nickname, another Bong tradition.


Sreenath AV said...

synopsis sounding good ! even i also like the 2 stardom. thanks sir !

Rajendra said...

not for the starry-eyed, or is it? Funnily, there were no product placements for Pudinhara in the film.

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