Rana Pratap the Great

Someone  has demanded that Rana Pratap be named 'the Great' . I quite agree. But then I thought a little, and decided that we must crown these people/things who/which also achieve greatness in their own way. Like-

Officials in municipal corporations who cannot see traffic, dirt, dry taps, overflowing garbage dumps.

Sportspeople who are unconcerned about sportsmanship.

Bookies who can fix anything that can be fixed.

IPL audience who can watch any number of games with enthusiasm. .
and their global equivalents by any name (game).

Serial killers-sorry, killer serials that occupy a lot of minds.

Dance shows, likewise..for promoting athletics rather than dance.

Home buyers of treadmills..who keep them in pristine condition..unused.

Bloggers who continue to write, regardless of readers ...

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