The Art of Holidaying

I don't claim to be an expert, nor am I prescribing ten best ways to holiday. I am just listing out different ways to do it- a Holiday Sutra, if you will.

1. Do nothing most of the time. Great for relaxing the grey cells that are taxed more than any IT dept will ever tax you.

2. Play Golf and don't look at the scores at the end, especially your scores. The second part increases happiness hundred-fold. Ask me!

3. Drive somewhere-anywhere. It can be a liberating experience. A Flight would do the exact opposite, with too many restrictions. Even a lovely smile from the stewardess can't compensate.

4. Eat well and often. Try local stuff too. At least you'll find out how bad it is-or not.

5. Do one unusual thing-whatever it might be. In a trip to Leh, we went to a local unbranded coffee store cum library that was educational.

6. Window-shop to find out what locals buy- it's cheaper than shopping, and has all the fun minus the expense!

7. Don't answer mails for a few days. No one will die, unless the mail is from a war-zone.

8. Do write about your experience, but only if you are the writing type- at least a few lines.

9. Take good pics, but don't die taking them- recent spine-chilling examples of selfie-martyrs are crazy!

10. Take a boat ride or a train ride if it is available. It brings out the child in you-in me, at least.

11. Try a new route to reach the same place.

But first and very important-take a holiday, as often as you can afford to.


Vinod Ekbote said…
Raja, nice piece. I agree with 4,5,8, and 11.
Rajendra said…
Thank you, Vinod.
Diamond Head said…
disembark (lit and fig) often -you may find a hidden gem
Harimohan said…
Walking about the new place helps I should think. Also getting rid of clingy co-travellers who want to do everything together in a particular way also helps.

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