Book Review- The Novel Cure: An A to Z of Literary Remedies

The Novel Cure: An A to Z of Literary Remedies is a fantastic idea. To cure all you conditions/ailments through an appropriate reading- of a novel. Ain't it novel? We may do so unwittingly, but this one tells you which books might work!

I have read many of the prescriptions, and learnt a lot about books that I could read if I feel lonely, overworked, pessimistic, overly optimistic, tired, and many other conditions that are listed alphabetically in the book. A materia medica of sorts, which promises to cure almost anything you could suffer from. It is also subtitled Bibliotherapy, and is highly recommended for the sheer novelty of the idea. 

 From Murakami to Voltaire, the cures span a thousan years or more, and genres that you may have thought don't exist. The current Gray literature also finds a place, as a cure for something that does not need spelling out. A fun read!



Harimohan said…
Many novels are good for insomnia too.
Rajendra said…
Text books are even more sure-fire. Lon time since I read one, because I sleep soundly.

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