Dil Dhadakne Do- Short Review, Long Film

This film could have benefited from a good editor. At least, the message of the film would have got through. It's not a new message, either. That kids need to make their own choices, and khandan ki izzat (family pride, that priceless entity) can take a hike.

All the seventies Bollywood films pretty much had the same message, and some of them were more effective in communicating it. I agree the director gets to decide how to tell a story, but the narrative style is really boring and long-winded in this one, sorry to say.

Ho-hum, with a few good scenes which come late in the second half, after you have long given up. Avoid. And watch any seventies film instead.


Harimohan said…
Too late. Tickets booked.
Diamond Head said…
Ho Hum (is why the) Dil stopped Dhadking? Does title refer to the audience?
Rajendra said…
Hari, as critics, one can freak out and blog after a bad movie too. So no loss.

DH, Ho hum se zyada, hum nahi sudhrenge fits the film-makers and audience that watches the films, both.
Sorry to say guys, I liked the movie! Why do you want short cuts for everything... messages we all know...why not enjoy the journey? Was quite funny and the characters were really good too!

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