The Jap in Me

Yeah, that's right. There's a Jap lurking within me. I like cleanliness. I like peace. I like aesthetic surroundings. The Japanese have all these in plenty. I am waxing eloquent due to a recent trip to Japan. Went for a conference to the small town of Beppu in Oita prefecture, south of all the well-known names in Japan.

The Japanese extravaganza lasted only six days, but left a lasting impact. The conference, of course, provided academic insights and networking opportunity, but something else also seems to have left a deep impact. The propensity for hard work without complaints, the neatness, the beauty that surrounds you everywhere, and the politeness. Just the politeness would fill volumes if I sat and wrote about it. Maybe another day. I will just put out a couple of pictures for now.


Harimohan said…
Ah, I was wondering where you were. Looking forward to hear about the Japanese experience.
Rajendra said…
coming soon ..all the gory details.
Rajendra said…
or maybe the glory details :)

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