Tanu Weds Manu Part 2- A Review

Watched this delightful film without having seen the first. And it was a laugh riot from scene 1 where husband and wife explain what went wrong with their four years of married life. I had expected this kind of fireworks from Shadi Ke Side Effects-that wish remained unfulfilled.

The rest of the film is also in the same vein, mainly due to the character of Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal) who with his amazing takes on various things steals the show from the lead actors, in my view. The others are good, but this guy is class! If I watch the film again, it'll be to watch his antics.

Kangana is good in both roles, and appears fairly different in the second. I personally don't agree with the choice made by Mr. (Madhavan) Sharma in the end, but what the heck, that's artistic license to disagree, and should not come in the way of enjoying a thoroughly enjoyable movie- not everyday that this happens.


Diamond Head said…
Part 2 implies what - a long wedding or the second wedding?
Harimohan said…
I totally agree Raja. A second viewing is not a bad idea to get a fuller measure of Pappi's antics.
Rajendra said…
DH, ALL weddings are too long, out here..It's the second time they come together, in this one.

Hari, I don't know what Pappiyan jhappiyan pa le hum means, but it seems appropriate, somehow..

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