Japan Visit- Memories

Japan runs on 100 volts. Not 220 like India, nor 110 like the U.S. And has mostly two-pin plug points, vertically rectangular. Just in case you visit Japan, carry an adapter or you will have to remain gadgetless for the duration of your stay- not such a bad thing, actually, you might enjoy the scenery and culture a little more.

Another thing ubiquitous in Japan is chopsticks. It is hard to find spoons and forks in some restaurants, so folks like me have to try and use what's there-chopsticks! Not a bad idea to learn how to, if you wish to enjoy your eating outings.

An umbrella we carried also proved providential, as it poured continuously the first day we were there. Of course you can buy one, if you have the yen for it. There are convenience stores which sell almost everything, from toothpaste to whisky. Family Mart seems to be the major one, along with a couple of others.

Well-manicured trees and plants, in addition to people, seems like a speciality, with the gardens looking especially good-as if a hundred gardeners were tending to it. Ek phool do Mali is passe.


Diamond Head said…
Nice rajasan - come to think of it maybe ganesh and muruga visited japan and liked their new names so much they kept them
Rajendra said…
I like my existing one, so I'll keep that one.

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