Tragedy of Greek Proportions

Greece's crisis is of huge proportions, but it's not as if anything like it hasn't happened before. India in 1991, several South American countries such as Venezuela in the late 80s and nineties, and Russia in its post-liberalisation days, have all had such crises.

What is different here is that the government of the day is still playing a populist tune, with no ideas on how to get itself out of the economic crisis. It may be weaker on its own, and stronger with the Eurozone, if it allows a compromise solution to be worked out. It may help itself, and a few other countries in the process too.

Hope good sense prevails.


Diamond Head said…
Perhaps a Greek Yoga day instead of Greek Yogurt day may help alleviate some of the crisis. Invite Merkel to the mat too while they are at it.
Rajendra said…
Merkel-tai on the mat? That may get you into Deutsch trouble!
Harimohan said…
What's with the Greeks and tragedies? In these days we can have Geek tragedies.
Rajendra said…
I am sure they occur frequently in Geek-land, Hari.

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