Iran and the World

I have no idea of the politics that goes on in the world driven by the supercop, but I have a lot of reasons to wish it would not lead to Iran being left out of the world scene. I have had colleagues and friends who were from Iran, and I always enjoyed my interaction with them. The hide and seek that goes on between Iran and the Western powers should not cloud India's historically good ties with the country and its people.

There is good news that the sanctions will go soon. Hope Iran returns to the mainstream. I also find that Iranian films are of a high quality, and appreciated by many. I have seen around six or seven, and most were very good, if slightly political. I think we all have a lot to learn from each other culturally, and Iran and India have usually had a good exchange. We are respected there, and I think we can build on that to further ties, going beyond just oil. We all stand to benefit.


Diamond Head said…
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