Gee, It's the Greeks

A crisis by any other name, would it sound the same?

For example, a Geek crisis could also include default on payments, because the geek was neck deep in his geeky activities. By the way, is a nerd a geek, or the other way round? Not quite sure.

But coming back to crises, they are more interesting when the Greeks are involved-geeky or not. In fact, most things get more interesting when there are Greeks or Romans (as Asterix would have said, these Romans are crazy) in them. Caesar's salad and Greek salad compete for the palate. You know what? The Greeks are supposed to have given us the Modern Democracy. So we have someone to blame. When we were happily lurching from one monarch to the other, where was the need to upset the apple-cart?

Anyway, what's done is done. We will now lurch from one party to another in a democratic whirlwind. And default (whose fault is it anyway?) on payments sometimes, to add zest to the proceedings- in between the elections, I mean.


Diamond Head said…
Yea mere-k(h)el hai ya si(reious)prayas hai?

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