Haleem During Ramzan

Being an assal (original) Hyderabadi, one gets seeped in the culture, the lingo, and especially, the food! Though a biryani fest is on every day, there is a special Ramzan feast during the holy month. My favourite is Haleem, a unique concoction made of meat, grain and spices. Some suppliers even send Haleem across cities/countries, I hear.

It has a melt-in-the-mouth quality if made well, as the cooking process is day-long, and it helps blend the meat and grain finely, so you cannot separate the two. The spice flavours are mellow yet distinct, and the dish is rich, so you can make a meal out of it. Particularly if you have not fasted through the day.

This time I had an occasion to try Haleem at Pune from a Hyderabadi restaurant. Found it to be as good as the 'real' (Hyderabadi) thing.


Diamond Head said…
Recently saw packaged tubs of the same at Hyderabad airport just before boarding..also smelled it in full glory at the charminar... Do tell me the Pune adda ka naam.
Rajendra said…
The Pune place is in Kondhwa. Near NIBM, permanent on a street lined up with temp stalls for Ramzan,..calls itself a Hyderabadi restaurant. Will let you know the name soon..don't remember.

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