Baahubali-Film Review

In a word, it's magical. You can't take your eyes off the action, it is so well done, so larger than life, and yet, so believable, that you get lost in it for the duration. As the story comes to an end (with the promise to continue), you feel sorry it has ended! The editing, for a change, is just right.

The story is typical of a mythical tale, of betrayal, courage, revenge. Partly Tarzan, partly royal tale, it has all the elements of a good story, and the director tells it in a spell-binding fashion. The action scenes are the best I have seen anywhere, from Ben-Hur's chariot scenes, to James Bond, or Mission Impossible, to any modern tale of valour.

The cast is perfect, starting with Ramya Krishnan as the Queen and strategist who saves the hero-child, to Sathyaraj as the loyal Kattappa, to the hero, Prabhas in a double role, to Rana Daggubati as the counterfoil Bhallala, and Tamannah as the loyalist of the wronged king/queen. Even her action sequence is amazing.

Go watch it for a story well-told, and for a lesson on the technique of how to make a good film. Film as a medium comes alive and talks to you.


Harimohan said…
Probably the best review I have seen in a long time. And a long, long time when there have been two movies in theatres that are watchable - BB and BB. Interestingly both stories are by Rajamouli's father Vijayendra Prasad. Is it time for content to rule?
Rajendra said…
probably. Thanks for the comment.
Diamond Head said…
All indian channels were agog with the marketing when I tried to tune in which had me skeptical. .btw it was never clear what language this epic is produced and screened
Rajendra said…
Telugu and Tamil, dubbed into the rest.

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