Rains. Pain and Gain

There are a few good things about the rains. The green surroundings, for instance. Our campus turns a green leaf with the first rain. The surroundings are lush as if it were a European countryside. Don't miss any of those countries during this season. The car gets a wash automatically, and the wipers get to wipe the tears forming on the windshield. Everything looks- no, is- cleaner.

Minor discomfort includes carrying umbrellas, and watching out for puddles. Not being able to go out often, worrying about heavy rain and the after-effects. Roads deteriorate rapidly, with that unique Indian thing-potholes-visible on most. I rarely saw one in my 5 year stay in The U.S.

The place actually is pleasing to the eye, come to think of it. Some would say, romantic..


Diamond Head said…
maybe potholes in India are a wormhole to another dimension (or dementia)?

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