Jodhpuri Me

In boarding school at Hyderabad ages ago, we wore Jodhpuri coats for dinner as uniform. But only last week did I get to visit the place-Jodhpur, I mean, for a Ph.D. viva. Apart from the fact that my third Ph.D. student (in green below) finished his degree, I liked gallivanting in the place. There is also a place called Hanwant Mahal that is good for dinner, because you can get a lit up view of the city from there, including Jodhpur's two major attractions.

The Mehrangarh fort is majestic, and the Umaid Bhavan in the third pic below (part hotel, part residence and part open to visitors as a museum)

is a palace fit for kings. The airport is a military airport, small and well-maintained.People were nice, which needs special mention these days.


Diamond Head said...

nice pics...I recollect reading about Jodhpuris (which might confuse someone to think of them as special Puri or bread) which is a form of sandal and the city to have a sobriquet of Blue City (are there still homes that are so painted)?

Rajendra said...

thanks, yes the blues are there in some areas..but not as extensive as the pink of Jaipur. Also, Mamata didi has painted her town blue recently, dimming Jodhpur's exclusive positioning.

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