Jai Gangaajal - Film Review

I probably wouldn't buy a ticket and see it. It's actually a well-scripted movie with a taut screenplay, barring a couple of flaws-but then it's a Hindi film. But I just don't dig the violent movies with a politician-policeman nexus anymore. The reason may be that I have seen too many of them with the same theme.

The best in the genre that I recollect is Ardh Satya. A policeman played by Om Puri is the protagonist in that one. Out here, the only novelty in the theme is Priyanka Chopra playing the lead as a do-gooder honest cop in a sea of corruption. Her performance is good, and that of the guy who plays W Pandey too.

Not bad if you have nothing better to do, or you haven't seen any of these kinds of films with a Bihar/U.P. setting before. The plot is pretty stale. The violence is unavaiodable given the plot, but it's not to my taste.


Diamond Head said…
Something tells me that producers just know people have 'Nothing Better To Do' and it applies to them too (as in keep churning out drivel)
Rajendra said…
after a viewing of The Revenant, I tend to agree.

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