Some Mundane Fantasies

The subjects of my fantasies are as mundane as clean roads, people with civic sense, governments with vision, and so on. The top few-

  1. Accountants who say yes, rather than no. I know that's not possible ever, but that's what fantasisies are about, right?
  2. Enough check-in counters based on the number of flights - is that too much to ask? Simple maths is all that is needed.
  3. A government office that believes its job is to serve people, and not obstruct them (and practices it)-refer to point 1 above.
  4. Actors (particularly actresses) who can act- Katrina, are you listening?
  5. Directors who can direct, editors who actually do some editing- like the above.
  6. Students who take an elective course because they are interested in working at it/on it.
  7. Speakers who know how to...SPEAK, and not be the same as the objective of a role model drill- a BORE.
  8. Journalists with sense, interviewers who keep shut after asking a question.
  9. Facebookers who are not always holier-than-thou.
  10. A magician who can make Donald Trump vanish from the face of the earth-Mars needs colonizing!
Now tell me, am I asking for too much?

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