Service- An Experience with KIMS Hospital Hyderabad

As a part of surgery for my mother, I had an experience (as a customer) of the services of KIMS, a hospital in Hyderabad, recently. From the insurance coordination office, to admission, to the patient care, to the rooms, I found it superior to may other hospitals-some of the bigger or more reputed.

In particular, the nurses and their lowly assistants (the ayahs, ward-boys), were very caring and efficient. Most were smiling, which helps a lot when you are under stress as a patient or relative. But also, they were firm in what they had to do, on time, and without fuss. They were also multi-lingual, (speaking in Hindi, Telugu and English), which helps. Service providers have to be, I think.

What I thought was particularly good was that the process for doing anything (admission, discharge, billing, buying medicines) was written down on the walls, and reduced anxiety. Also, there was a lack of the usual confusion that prevails at the receptionin most hospitals-that I think is remarkable. Information flow within the hospital was also good, and the use of I.T. was in evidence.

The ICU staff was also friendly but firm about not disturbing patients too much. As a bonus, the food was good too, for a South Indian at least-fresh and filling. The room for the post-operative stay was well-designed, with enough space for an additional person, and to store belongings. A fridge and microwave was useful, as were the tissue paper and lots of disposable glasses.

Health services are different from other types, because they involve a critical being- a human- at the centre. If the provider can preserve the humanity and remember that it is a care-giving service above all the jargon and the medical procedures, it would serve him well, and the patient too. 


Diamond Head said...

Sounds like they could double up as a resort. Maybe they should advertise with Expedia.

Rajendra said...

A well-laid out hospital is not very different, actually, barring the time in the Operation Theatre. Wellness is aided by such an atmosphere, I am assuming.

Blogger said...

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