Organic Food Mela

Went to an organic food mela (gathering) that happens in Indore every Sunday, thanks to a friend in the know. For anyone interested, it is just off the bypass, close to Vidyasagar college. Good time to go there is around 9.30 am, though it is on for a couple of hours after that too.

Organic vegetables are available, from growers who travel some distance to be there. There are also packaged organic products such as spices and grains, honey, an indoor display. A band also played a range of songs while we were there, some good and some not so. But the ambience is nice, and you can always have some breakfast (poha, thalipeeth, bhajiya) and tea, or cane juice. And some home-made goodies. Or exotic juices. In fact, you could go there just for the food, though the range is limited.

I think the fruits range sold can be improved to include some more seasonal ones (we got some Ber, which were nice), but otherwise a nice place to chill out for an hour or so.


Diamond Head said…
Usacha raas with ginger has been on my wish list for a while - never had the guts (literally) to try one on the last des visit.

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