Typically Indian Songs

Some words used in Hindi film songs are typically Indian, non-global ones. Some songs featuring such words-

Beedi jalile jigar se piya from Omkara. Beedi is very commonly smoked in India. Made Bipasha Basu famous.

Kajra re kajra re tere kaare kaare naina...kajra is an Indian tradition, for the eyes. Other songs have also emphasised the word, such as Kajra laga ke, gajra saja ke..Gajra is also a flower decoration for hair typically used by Indian women.

Sharm is another such word..Sharm aati hai magar aaj yeh kehna hoga, is a song using the word. Sharmilee was a whole movie based on the idea, with a title song that went O meri, o meri o meri sharmilee,...

Panghat is a place where water is filled, typically by women in villages. Recently used in the song Radha teri chunri in Student of the Year.


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