Housefull 3- Film Review

I have a feeling that Sajid-Farhad have deliberately introduced crassness in this film. I think they have a few things to learn even in that department. For instance, the master of double entendre was Dada Kondke. The lyrics of a couple of songs in this film are really the pits.

But apart from these, I found the movie is watchable, and strung together with a fairly good pace. The first half is mostly PJs built from translation of dialogue from Hindi into English, and a lot of it is funny (for those who like MAD humour). Not memorable, but funny.

The lead actors and actresses are caricaturish, because they are meant to be. Boman Irani gets the most scope to perform, and does well. Jackie Shroff is passable as the Don, but I would have liked Nana Patekar in his place, to make him more terrifying/crazy. The women are adequate (Lisa, Nargis and Jacqueline), but nothing great. Akshay gets to do a bit more because of his phobia, and is good at that part.

The wax museum is used well as an interesting variation in the climax.

Watchable, if you don't go looking for a Golmaal (Hrishikesh Mukherjee wala).


Diamond Head said…
Did they sell more than 3 seats?
Rajendra said…
I won't be surprised, given the competition. But since I am not the producer, I'll let him worry about it.

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