Innovative Taxes

Here's to taxation beyond imagination.

A- Activity cess. If you move, you pay.
B-Bread+Butter Cess. If you put butter on your bread, you pay.
C-Cutting-edge. If you use the word, beware.
D-Dog-walker's cess. Who do you think is going to clean up?
E-Elephant ride cess. Stay away from them, if you can. If you can't, well..
F- Forest misser's cess. If you regularly miss the wood for the trees, you pay.

G-If you launch anything with a G in it, you pay. (3G, G3, 4G, etc..)
H-Harry Potter fans' cess. Try your wizardry and get out of paying this.
I- Iyer and Iyengar cess. Special one for special people.
J- Joke-sharer's cess. You are beating stress, eh? Not this one, you don't.
K- Kat/Kar cess. On all films starring them or their ex-boyfriends. Current BFs exempt.

L-'Long-term-we-are-all dead'-cess. You have to pay this while alive.

M-Mangalyaan (Mars Vehicle) cess. If we decide to move there, who'll build the colonies?
N- Nano cess. A small one. You won't notice it.
O- Old is gold cess. This is for all old people who have hoarded gold.
P- Party cess. There's no free lunch. Or dinner.
Q- Queue breaker's cess. Don't ask Q (Kyun?)
R- Reactions of Fb cess. This depends on which icon/emoji you press.
S- Sad peoples'cess. You have no right to be sad. Well, if you pay, you do.
T- Trivial pursuit cess. If you have no record of any Noble pursuits, explain.
U- Universal cess. Anyone who escapes from the remaining twenty-five listed here pays.
V- Vagabonds'cess. If you are found moving around without reason.
W-Writer's cess. If you write atrociously, you pay.
X- Your ex has to pay this. Revenge, sort of.
Y- Yellow journalism cess-if you watch it, or promote it.
Z- Zeitgeist cess. Don't ask me what that means. :)


Rajendra said…
Thank you, Dhawal.
Rajendra said…
not me, someone in Dilli, DH.

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