Udta Punjab- A Conversation or Two

This is an imaginary conversation between the director of Udta Punjab and the cast.

Shahid Kapoor: I want a hit-badly. My career is at stake.
Director- Don't worry, you'll be a Gabroo after this film.
Shahid: Lekin main itna kyun ghabra raha hoon? Mera munh kaala to nahin karoge na?
Director- Arey nahin, nahin, woh to Alia ka honewala hai..

Alia: Chee, main kheton mein kaam nahin karoongi.
Director- Don't worry, uska ek hi scene hai, baaki film mein tum udti hi rahogi..
Alia: Flying scene! Superman! Phir theek hai.

Kareena: Doctor ka role? Woh bhi itna chhota?
Director- You can bring your favourite Scooty from 3 Idiots.
Kareena: (An idiotic smile playing on her face) Haan, phir theek hai.
Director- You are the only sober person in the whole film. Isse zyaada unique role aur kisiko nahin mila hoga..Kareena is positively glowing.

Post Script
Audience: Director saab, yeh film itni controversial kyun hai?
Director- BC, itna bhi nahi jaanta to dekhta kyun hai? Kuch le rakha hai kya?


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