Raman Raghav 2.0

There was a real serial killer by this name, without the 2.0 of course. But this film is about another similar character, fictitious.

The film is quite watchable, if you are OK with serial killing in principle-watching them on film, I mean. I must admit I didn't get the opening murder until pretty late in the film, and that's a compliment to the director. The sets are too dark for comfort (mine) at times, but other than that, no major flaws I could find.

Nawazuddin may have found one of his strong points-playing maniacal characters. This is not a giveaway, the director shows him up for what he is pretty early in the film. The police inspector is good for his role, though less effective than Nawazuddin, because he isn't as good an actor. The female friend of is speaking Telugu with her Mom and Dad was a surprise.

As the genre goes, you expect some goriness, and you get it. But there is some stinging dialogue too, which keeps the movie watchable, and the speed is good, so you don't feel it dragging.

Overall, 3 out of 5.


Diamond Head said…
"Serial Killing' not to be confused with crushing Kellogg's Corn Flakes is what both Indian and American Television badly needs

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