You have 24 hours in a day, like every one else. What you do with them, is mostly your own choice.

I try and do things that I like. I am also fortunate that I have the liberty to choose most of my working hours, which can be any time of day or night. Reading and writing can be done anywhere, and that's a blessing. Physical teaching is still classroom-bound, but that could change too, at some future point.

The point I am trying to make is simply that prioritisation is a key to achieving your goals. What those goals are, is likely to be partly driven by organisational necessity (I am assuming you work for one). So about 8-10 hours of the day may be spent in ways that maximise the organisation's output in terms of whatever they consider as "output"- it may be sales, processing of data, coding or civil construction.

But there are ways to do things smartly and use short cuts in most jobs, while maintaining quality. Some ways I have increased my output or learning, are by asking friends to help with things that I find tough to learn-new software, for example. My daughters taught me most of what I know about using social media, and a smartphone, which now help me both professionally and personally. Peers at work can teach you a lot too.

I am able to find time by keeping the phone at bay when I work. It's a great distraction, and keeps you looking at it in anticipation, if you have a net connection. So I don't. I can easily switch back and forth between mails, research and other things on my computer, when the phone is taken out of the equation.

So, prioritise and find your own short-cuts, and be more productive. You will both enjoy your work and get more leisure that way.


Diamond Head said…
Net Net Stay Off the "Network"
Rajendra said…
Simple, isn't it?

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