Dhanak- A Knockout Film by Kukunoor

Sometimes a film just hits you in the solar plexus. Because it's so unexpectedly beautiful. Dhanak is such a film. I did not know what to expect, and a decision to see it was based on a whim, and a vague memory of a positive comment about it on facebook by a friend (Thanks, anonymous friend).

From the opening shot to the last, the movie is a tale of how good cinema can captivate. Brilliant photography (Rajasthan never looked so beautiful), earthy dialogue, great acting, writing, editing. The story flows without any jarring interruptions, and you want the boy to get his eyesight back. Just as his sister does. And she writes to superstar Shah Rukh after seeing a poster of his endorsing Eye Donations. In the naive belief that he will pay for the surgery which they can't afford.

The brother and sister pair (Hetal and Krrish) are riveting, and you don't miss the presence of big actors for a moment. The supporting cast, each member, play their roles well, and fit in perfectly into the story, moving it forward, including a hippie from California trying to spread love around the world!

In one word, brilliant. Dhanak, by the way, means Rainbow. The film lives its title.


Harimohan said…
Ok. Will go and watch it. Thanks Raja.
Diamond Head said…
Blind person film brought memory of a much acclaimed Helen Keller based AB starring movie which I walked out in 10 min but the preview of DHANAK makes me want to go SEE it
Rajendra said…
Never even saw the one you mention..confident you won't walk out of this.

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