My Assistants Over the Years

I have had lots of them helping me do my job as a faculty. I was one in the U.S. too, assisting faculty with research. RAs or TAs by whatever name are a great help. These were the ones in the last five-seven years, who I am grateful to. From preparing material to some part of the grading when needed, they all increased my effectiveness.

At PESIT, I remember Anusha Narayan helping out with odds and ends.

Rachna Mittal was briefly my assistant at IMT Nagpur. She helped me with a leadership session that I had to prepare, for an executive program, among other things.

Tripti Srivastava and Abhinav Chandel were instrumental in running a Goa Case conference which we had run when in Nagpur IMT. Both were wonderful, and as I once told Tripti, did the work of five people (at other conferences we saw) single-handedly.

Abhishek Mandowra was my first AA here, and assisted me through a few courses taught to the EXec PGP and regular PGP (MBA by another name). Did a good job, without showing any stress.

Saumya Sharma was great with technology, and enthusiastically helped out on downloads for PPTs, case and empirical research. She was (is) also very nice to get along with, and upbeat. Went on to work at Hansa Research in Bangalore.

Veenus Tiwari assisted me for a while, and was competent at her work. She is now running a marketing area conference for us in July this year.

Sarada Mahanti is currently on the job, and I am quite relieved with all the back-end help in the massive class sizes that we deal with.


Rachana Mittal said…
So nice & humble of you; thanks for mentioning me & tagging me here, Nargundkar Sir. Brought back the memories of my short but satisfying & memorable time there. It is my privilege & wonderful learning experience also, to have assisted you as a FRA @ IMTN. With warm regards. Rachana.
Rajendra said…
Rachana, you are welcome. An RA is a great help, really. Just acknowledging this fact.Hope you are doing well.

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