Phillauri- Film Review

I really hate to see good acting talent (Anushka and Diljit) being wasted because of a lack of understanding of the medium among key people. In this case, the director and scriptwriter-probably more of the latter.

Cinema is a medium that needs a strong screenplay, if it is to make an impact. This one moves too slowly, and is unimaginative, and the film badly edited. So it tests your patience. Most scenes should have been around one-third their length.

The story is mildly interesting, the period atmosphere is Ok, but it is all excruciatingly slow-moving. Unless you are a director who can make that riveting with emotion or some other peg, the result can be disastrous. When interest picks up for a few minutes, at the end, it again meanders through to a very slow last scene. Really stretching it.

Avoid if you can, is my opinion.


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