We are Creatures of Habit

Habits form early, and we are rarely able to get out of these.

I had a habit of reading. The books changed, but the habit remained. I still read a lot. A little less of the neswpapers, and fiction, and a little more of other things, but read I must.

Writing is a habit I formed a little late in life, apart from school assignments. But now I am almost addicted to it. Blogging (which a few read), to writing text books (which not many read!), I have tried it all, even writing an autobiography when I was all of 48!

Creative things like photography have always been of interest, and I do indulge a bit, but more often, I appreciate what others are doing- like my Nice DP Oscars! (which people do aspire for, I think)

Songs (Hindi film) are an enduring passion, and we as a family have had singing sessions galore (a la the Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music). Listening too, it goes without saying.

Small-sized get-togethers are what I like best, though I have also been a part of bigger ones that were fun, now and then.

Sports too, were a habit from school, where I played cricket regularly, and home, where Badminton was a staple. Graduated to Golf a little late, during my Harihar days, and then Nagpur days.


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