Why You Remember People

There is a lobe in your brain, located in the upper left corner..no, I am kidding. Let me get down to brass tacks.

I remember people who are nice to me (Dale Carnegie, are you listening?). I remember even more, those who are nasty to me (Dale has no business here).

I remember students who do well in class, by asking good questions, and preferably, answering them too.

I remember those who can tell a good joke, or at least forward me a good joke (I am grateful to all those who provide me with fb fodder :)

I remember those who ARE a joke too. I won't tell you who they are, of course.

I remember those who fake an accent- particularly a Yankee accent. (Been there, done that)

I remember people who are creative, or like chai, pan, (not chai-pani), Single Malts, Golf, books, travel, Hindi films and music, those who read my books, those who generously like my fb posts, pics, comment on them, or have nice DPs..guys/gals who karaoke are Ok too.



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