A Man Called Ove- Film Review

A Swedish film, nominated to the Oscars for foreign film. Very different from the usual Hollywood fare that we see routinely. Worth watching.

It is about a simple boy from a poor background, who grows up to be a bitter old man. Why, is the subject of the film. And how he redeems himself. Although he contemplates suicide several times, he is saved in the nick of time, unwittingly, by a couple next door- the Iranian wife and her kids, in particular.

He narrates his own story to her one day, after they are drawn into an affectionate relationship over time. His own short love story that culminates in marriage and a lot of fights with the establishment over the rights of the handicapped, is a large part.

There is also a friend who is forcibly being sent to an old home, and that brings out the fighter in our hero once more. His fights with the friend over his choice of a brand of car (Volvo, when he is a fan of Saab) are funny, and there is a lot of tragi-comedy. The Iranian woman (Bahar Pars) and the romantic lead (Ida Engvoll) are both key characters, and well-played. But above all, the cranky old man (Rolf Lassgard) is beautifully portrayed. Very realistic.


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