Novel Product Placement Ideas

Bond driving an Aston Martin is passe. We need new ideas for changing times. Here are a few ideas-

MPs who plan to beat up people with chappals should be identified, and you can give them a branded chappal to beat up people with.

The selfie-taking crowd should be asked to take them at an angle where the brand of watch they wear, or the brand of bag they carry should be visible. The smile (only if their teeth are white) can be sponsored by a toothpaste brand too.

Traffic jams can be sponsored by Netflix, who can screen short (or long) films through a drop-down holographic screen wherever the jam would be a happening jam, and people may not want it to end...

Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan can focus on the brand of WC being shown in the ad.

Convocation Toppers can wear arm-bands sponsored by laptop and mobile makers, or pen-makers (if they still exist).

Once placed, a student can carry a halo-gram of the company that will show around his head, which could be termed 'the halo effect'.


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