The Hundred Year Old Man...Book Review

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This is such an intriguing title that I had to buy the book, and read it. It's a bit long (about 400 pages), but it's a treat of many types. If you ike gentle humour, it's there. If you like devastating take-offs on politics, politicians, or isms, they are also there.

If you just like a good story with flashbacks in between, and surprises galore, you'll find these. Imaginatively written, I would put it next to James Bond in the thrill of anticipation- you get drawn in to his story, which is incredible, witty, full of twists and turns, and generally, rollicking fun with all the historical figures that one can think of. The adjectives used for some of thm (that clown) will make the people concerned roll in their graves, and you on the floor. If you want to clean up the floor, this is your chance.


Harimohan said...

That sounds like a fine book. Will get my hands on it soon (hoping to meet you soon)!

Rajendra said...


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