Gone Mad-the Brand

 There is this brand called Gone Mad. It has a cream wafer stick wrapped in a Rs. 5 singles pack (different flavours) and sold in a carton (below). Made by Garuda Foods, an Indonesian-Indian joint venture, they have distribution in a few Southern states and Maharashtra.
Wondering if anyone has eaten it, because I am involved in writing a case study on the brand launch. If you can, please do share your thoughts about it.


Harimohan said...

Interesting. No clue. But somehow, somewhere you must find the space to write about that cola drink we had in some vague place in Pune which was pure dynamite. I forget the name now but Dynamite, Thunder etc could be perfectly fine for it. One of the best colas I ever drank (jaljeera was it?).

Rajendra said...

Some odd flavour- could be Jaljeera. I remember it was an old peth in Pune.

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