Prof Poongodi at KCT, with guess which book? My Marketing Research book that she uses. Another pic with KCT faculty in front of their institute.
I had an occasion to go to Coimbatore on invitation recently. A bustling city, with a lot of entrepreneurs in and around. Tirupur is not too far away. Textiles are a speciality. Lots of educational institutes too. One such is KCT, where I spent some time with students and faculty. Founded by a Gandhian, the institute has an autonomous MBA program, and a couple of technical programs.

Met my friend Dhanapal, who runs a couple of schools in the town. We worked for a few years at Kirloskar Institute in the past, and have remained in touch. Golf is a common interest, and we have gone to Kodaikanal and Munnar to play too-unfortunately this time there wasn't time.

Coimbatore is also a gateway to Ooty and Coonoor, where I had been recently on a vacation trip, and to play Golf. I first went to Ooty on a KSTDC tour bus in the 70s, and remember eating my first strawberry there.

Karnataka always had a tour to Mysore and Ooty, from as far back as I remember, and they were good ones too. Unfortunately, that led to a neglect of many other destinations in the state-some of which I got to see during my stay at Harihar. Jog Falls is one such, Hampi being the other. And Belur-Halebid, which have some of the most exquisite carvings I have seen. 


Harimohan said…
That's the best feeling a writer can have in my opinion - to see your work being used and applied by someone (voluntarily). :) The one I find difficult to cope with is when we see our books in the second hand market - is it a good sign or is it a bad sign?
Poongodi B said…
It was a great honor to meet the author of the book that I use for 'Marketing Research' . A few of us from KCT had an interactive session facilitated by Prof.Nargundkar on 'Enjoy being a Professor, that was truly inspiring. The action plan with time lines was the key takeaway of the session. I am so thankful to KCT.BS for providing me an opportunity to meet great people.
Rajendra said…
Thanks, Poongodi, the pleasure was mine.

Hari, It's the greatest compliment that someone thought you worthy of putting your book along with the great authors of all time (barring Bhagat).

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