Book Review- The Curious Marketer

This is a book by Harish Bhat, who has marketed many products in India. His experiences and observations are what it is about. A long time ago, I had read a similar book by Gurcharan Das which was based on his experiences with Vicks.

Very engagingly written, with each chapter only a few pages long, it is a very good read. Most of all, I liked the thoughts about new products that could be launched, based on observing trends- weight loss, for instance. I know Rujuta Diwekar has sold a few million copies of her book on the subject, and gyms have generally offered slimming packages  and raked it in.

He has a nice style which draws on his own experiences of marketing and advertising (and consuming) in India, and sometimes his experiences abroad -like wine-tasting in Austria. Many nuggets can be thought-provoking, if today's marketers are still in the habit of reading anything at all. The use of music, using babies in ads, and the trend of corporate 'suits' wearing colourful socks to compensate for their sedate (boring?) formals are some of the things I found interesting.

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