Portraits of Batchmates-16

Meet my batchmates-I am in the pic above if you can recognise me, that is..with Narayan Das, Kulkarni and Nanda Kumar Jr. And below, you have..

Big brother in shorts, popularly known as Jockey, our companero is always on the look-out for fun. With a gibberish knowledge of tongues, exhibits his proficiency by engaging Kempaiah in long monologues. An extrovert, he had a marked ability to wriggle out of tight spots. One of the fastest guys on the Rubik's Cube, also a talented Bridge player.
Favourite pastimes: Singing 'Udibaba', Coining Hindi verses in energy sector classes.

The day scholar who operated from the hostel. Named the mess grub as the Slim Joint of Bangalore. She was convinced by Monto that OG (the placement officer) was a KGB agent. Reviving from that, she zapped Dash with this query - "Why is your name Dash? Why not Comma, or Semi-colon?"
Here is an enquiring mind of the highest order.

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