Mukkabaaz- Film Review

Given that the film runs its length on two completely new actors in the lead, it's a very good attempt. It's the charming heroine and raw, gritty hero who actually make the difference in a tale that's in danger of becoming a new stereotype. The North Indian small-town ambience leading to turmoil in the lives of some of the protagonists, I mean. A complete anti-thesis of the Karan Johar urban stereotype, this is nevertheless another one. If what is depicted in it is true, it is sad indeed that small town autocrats still function in this way. If it's not, cinema needs to write and tell stories which are more varied.

The good things are Vineet Singh and Zoya Hussain- the lead pair, and the known faces of Ravi Kishen and Jimmy Shergill (who's also getting typecast). The length of the film is a tad too long, and shaving 15-20 minutes off would have made it a lot crisper and more effective in its impact. It drags at times, because you know what's going to unfold.  The subtext of forward versus backward castes is handled well, without intruding too much on the storytelling. Also, the joblessness in small town India comes through, in attempts to get one through sports quotas. The end is a big surprise. Overall, not bad. Worth a look for a film buff, especially if you are not into mindless extravaganzas. The music could have been better.

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