I Do What I Do

This is obvious, you may say. But Raghuram Rajan found it interesting enough to use as a book title. So there must be something in it. So I got thinking (always a dangerous thing for my blog readers)- and..voila, I listed out things that I do.

I do laundry (after all, this is a laundry list)

I eat, and don't cook- that way I get to criticise other people's cooking, rather than they criticising mine.

I travel, and expand my mind. Not sure if an infinite expansion is good for it or not..

I draw..conclusions from what I read and observe..otherwise I can't draw even to save my life.

I pontificate, but only to those who will listen-students don't have much of a choice...

I use tech tools according to my proclivities and convenience, otherwise shutting them up for good if I feel like it. You may not think so, but..

I blog because there's no editor telling me what to write and what not to..hope YOU won't, after this..

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