Competing Brand Names

Some of them need a dose of competition. So, here goes. A list of new brands that will compete with the old.

Mentally Stable to compete with Moody's. A Rating agency needs to be.

Customised and Rich, against Standard and Poor's.

Painters, against Skechers. Shoes.

Chinaman against Google. Google is most of the word for Googly. Only China can compete with global non-Chinese giants.

Yahoo- does not need competition; it's on self-destruct mode.

Tata for Bata. Shoes again, and this may be the only business they haven't yet tried. Nano shoes, maybe?

Jena for Fena-will be a hit in Orissa, at least. Washing powder.

Angelina Jolie for power is needed to stop the juggernaut from Baba.

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