Anopheles Learns Hyderabadi

My winged friend Anopheles (the one who stings-others) was visiting, and I asked if she wanted to learn Hyderabadi, my native tongue. She agreed readily. So I taught her a few words, and gave her a test. She had to translate a few sentences from English into Hyderabadi. Here's how it went-

Why is there so much angst in the world?

Kaiku itte pareshaan hain logaan?

Do you think you are a great guy?

Motabbari hai kya? Apne aapku kyatobhi samajhrain?

Why do you want to fight? Let it go.

Kaiku lad lerain? Jaando yaaro!

Money comes and goes, but if you love each other,..

Paisa aainga, jainga, magar logaan ek dusreku pyar kareto..

She passed with flying colours..udte colouraan :)

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