Interesting Turns of Phrase

" Going where the Czar goes on foot" - apparently means going to the toilet, in Russia. Because the Czar used to be carried everywhere else but..

" From the sublime to the ridiculous" - nice phrase that expresses a wide range of something. His blog posts/fb posts went from the sublime to the ridiculous..well, that may be cutting it too close..

"Go Doolally" (To go mad) apparently comes from the British garrison town (in India) of Deolali, where British officers waited, after finishing their duty, to be taken back to Britain-sometimes for months.

Shot "point blank" . Point blank refers to the white (blanc in French) circle at the centre of a target for archery practice. It just means from a very short distance, from which it is easy to hit the target dead centre.

(sources-various, on the net and in print)

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