No Debate About This least in my mind. TV debates by Presidential (or any other) candidates are so predictable and boring. They talk of the economy, statistics, housing starts, and budget deficits.

I am all for our brand of unrestrained potshots at everyone and everything-far more interesting.

Speeches are more fun..and when people rally to them voluntarily (!) you know that they are captivated by the stuff they get to hear, such as how the opposing party has ruined the country, and given a chance, will ruin it further.

How they have stashed money in Swiss banks, and given us a raw deal. How they are born from a long line of criminals, unlike our own party (applies to anyone who's the speaker) which is pure as driven snow (Snow White was from OUR khandan).

How we will make Mumbai a Shanghai, and you shall not be Shanghaied in the process. One great personality had promised to make Bihar's road as smooth as the cheeks of Hema Malini, the Dream Girl of Bollywood- I kid you not!

Where will all the GDP numbers and debates lead you, I ask, when you have the Happiness Index soaring after listening to such entertaining stuff?

No doubt, you will not want to debate this any further.

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